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Addition Matching Game Printable Activity For Kids.

Challenge you and your kids’ memory and counting skills with these adorable addition themed memory cards. They’re great for use at home, at daycare, or in the classroom.

This activity will be a great activity to give your kiddos while they are learning how to add numbers one through nine.

As they learn their addition sets, you can slowly add in the next set of numbers. This addition memory game includes 81 fun memory sets to match.

This is a fun learning game that will help make teaching your kids to count a more engaging and fun experience!

Add In Facts As You Go!

Easily make this Addition Matching Game work for wherever your child is in their math journey.

The sets (the 1’s facts, 2s facts, etc.) have been clearly marked.  This gives you the opportunity to add more addition fact sets as your kid is learning them.

How To Play This Addition Matching Memory Game

Memory is a simple game to play. To start, all the cards must be lying face down on the table.

Then you go around the circle of players, each one turning over two cards.  If the two cards match then you have made a pair, the player who finds the match gets to keep the pair.

At the end of the game, when all the matches have been found, the player who has collected the most pairs wins!

Quick Tip:  Print on cardstock so the math problems can’t be seen while upside down and laminate for repeated use.

You will receive the following Addition Matching Game:

  • 1 PDF
  • Size 8.5×11
  • with 20 total pages

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